Busker's Pouch

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  • Soft side pockets for pens, bus. cards, a wand
  • Soft pleated front pocket for juggling balls, silks, a coin purse, cards.
  • Inside pocket with coin slots
  • Laces can open up wide for easy access to loads or pulled tight to hide the contents.
  • Price: $259.00

    This pouch has many of the nice features of our Poacher's Pouch and also adds more room, and extra pockets. No longer just a place to put cups and balls loads. Finally, a large pouch that can be used for all kinds of street acts where you would rather keep your props on you at all times.
    Busker's Pouch Slide Show

    The soft front pocket makes an excellent ditching servante for coins, and ]s without losing them deep in the pouch.
    Belt and extra props not included.
    If you're interested in a pouch to do Gazzo's cups and balls routine, go to the source. It's his routine. Buy his pouch! www.gazzoshow.com
    • The bag came in today. It's beautiful!! I love it. It is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for.
      -M P
    • I got one of these new pouches this past week and put it to work, after 8 or 10 shows I've decided, this is the best pouch I have ever owned. The design and the layout are perfect for the street worker. There is a place for everything including your money! In this price range there is nothing that even compares. This pouch is just a bit smaller than the pouch I was using and for me that is a bonus. In my cups routine I use four objects and a coconut. This pouch holds them easily and if I wanted to go to six baseball sized objects and a coconut it would be a snap. The shape of the bottom of the bag holds the top open wide without any forward sag so that loading feels positive and sure fire. It also keeps the bag looking empty without the need for super stiff leather in the front and soft in the back. Frank has made a really nice design shift from what others are doing and I think it works great. The pockets will hold at your fingertips, coins, silks, cards, thumbtips, balls, rope, cash, you name it. It is obvious that this pouch was designed by a guy who works outside a lot. Frank has thought of everything and at the price, these things are a steal. Bring your pouch and your table and you are ready to work. This one bag is laid out to hold your entire street show. Really, this is the only pouch you will ever see me using. I can not say enough good things about it.
      -D H
    • I have been using the Busker's Pouch these last few days, and I absolutely love it. I can't give you enough praise, because not only does it look great, but I am amazed at how much I can fit in there! If I put all the magic I put in there together, it would add up to almost 90 minutes! Thanks again for such a great product.
      -J S
    • I finally had the time to play with the new pouches since returning from vacation last Monday.. They are great... They are going to work even better as servante's for my lefler tables than the poucher's pouch in a number of situations. All the extras were a nice touch too.
      -J K
    • Just a quick note of thanks. I received my order today, (busker's pouch, coin cylinder & Dean's bag) and I was absolutely thrilled! The [pouch] design was excellent. I appreciate the judicious use of materials, and attention to small details: rivets at the stress points, and the appropriate grade and type of material in the appropriate place. It's clear that you apply great thought to your items. Many thanks! It's good to know you're out there. I don't anticipate having to replace any of these items soon, but I'm sure we'll be doing business again.
      -E H
    • The Brown Beauty Busker's Pouch made it here Friday! The leather is top rate. I like the details you have built into it. The smaller, soft leather front pouch sitting in front of the main compartment is a sweet idea. It will easily carry several small props and consumable items (balloons for signed bill to balloon for example).
      I also like the draw sting idea. I find that I can use the draw strings to hold the main compartment closed and work from the front pocket easily. It almost makes the audience believe that the front compartment is the pouch. Plus it hides the continents of the main compartment for working close up to the audience while wearing the pouch (I'm one of those guys that tends to put it on and leave it on from the start).
      The side pockets are a nice idea. They are well placed and can hold a multitude of small items, including a deck of cards! The coin pockets and larger pocket inside the main compartment make for a nice touch.
      Honestly you have done a great job in designing this beauty. I know that you built it with large loads for the cups and balls in mind and as such it is superb! Trying it out I found that it holds four regulation baseballs across the bottom of the bag in a row with a melon or coconut sitting on top with room spare. But then you already knew that.
      I'm finding it, as I had hoped, very much a multi-purpose pouch. I think that it will carry much of my regular act. I also like the ?purse? or money holder built behind the pouch proper. The satin lining behind the pouch is a nice touch. Great job! Quality workmanship and quality product. I suspect that may very well be my last pouch! Thanks for building it in brown for me. It?s perfect! Your old friend and satisfied customer.
      -H M
    • Wish all my props were this high quality. This is one kick ass bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      -M E
    • My Buskers Pouch arrived today (man, that was fast). I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations. The pictures on the web site in no way does it justice. Until you have one of these pouches in front of you, you just can't appreciate its dead on design and feel. This is without a doubt my best purchase this year. Highly recommended.
      -T T
    • Having made and/or helped made pouches of another variety, I'd like to say this pouch is far better than anything I ever worked on. I had a customer call and ask to see a pouch one time, and he was from out of town. Not too far away, so I drove to his town with the pouch and a couple of items he had asked me to bring. We had dinner and he looked over all the items I brought. He picked up the pouch I brought and said "Wow, this would be a great pouch if it had a place for cards, maybe a couple of decks, a place to keep some props, and a few more pockets". While having dinner with him and talking I learned he was a full time working magician who did parties, schools, festivals, and corporate events. He worked 5-7 days a week every week. He handed me the pouch back and said "No thanks, it's not practical for anyone who works like I do". Then Frank came out with this pouch and offered it to us to sell to our customers as well. When the first batch arrived, I realized that this was the exact pouch the guy had described even before it was designed. Frank's captured what people want in a pouch. We are thrilled with this pouch and thrilled that we have partnered with Frank to make it available. It's just so much more than a "circle show pouch". It's a true workers pouch.
      -S S
    • I've just received the pouch. It's really nice, well made and practical. I'm very pleased with it. I'm also pleased with how long it took to arrive!. I've ordered things from around the corner and they have taken over a month to come. So just nine days to come all the way from America is brilliant.
      -P T
    • I received the pouch today. It is awesome. You could charge 295.00 and I would still feel good about the investment. Thanks for expediting the delivery.
      -M S
    • I just wanted to say that I've been using (and abusing) the Busker's pouch since the beginning of the summer. I picked it up second hand, but it looked as if it had never been used. Maybe not quite so right now. ;-) I'm a WORKER and do street and renn faire shows across the country. This thing is NOT treated gently. It's not an heirloom to be put in a shelf. It's like a pair of work gloves... It has fulfilled EVERY requirement with flying colors. It's tough, roomy, comfortable, and the pockets and design are such that I have yet to say, "Gee, it would be great if it only had..." Very nicely made. I've been performing for 15 years and right now this pouch has been through more, held up better, and lasted longer than any other pouch I've tried. Kudos! And thanks for taking the time to make these available. I recommend them to EVERY worker I meet.
      -C I
    • I got my Pouch today. Thank you very much, it was well worth the wait!!! I have been playing with it all day and can't wait to use it on the streets Friday night! The best purchase of my busking career! The pouch is absolutely beautiful and top notch!! The quality shows! It is everything's he reviews said it would be and more!
      -J C
    • Just wanted to thank you for getting this thing to me so quickly. It only took a couple days to get across the US. Now that's service! Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I love the Busker's Pouch more than I thought I would. Seriously, I've been using it now for four or so days and this is quickly becoming one of my prized possessions. I think that if my house was on fire, I'd rush into the flames to rescue my cups and this Busker's Pouch. Thanks again!
      -J l

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